Romee van de Meent

Date of Birth: 04-07-1998

Nationality: Dutch

Email: romeevandemeent@gmail.com

At the moment: Currently dancing

at Conny Janssen Danst Dance Company

Upcoming Performances:

DANSLOKAAL 7: 5 Sept - 2 Okt 2019

Link to website Conny Janssen Danst

Link to website Ground Zero Dance

Photograph by Remy Tilburg



2018- Now Conny Janssen Danst Dance Company:

  • DANSLOKAAL 7, choreography by Rutkay Özpinar

  • “BROOS” choreography by Conny Janssen

  • DANSLOKAAL 6, “Humane” choreography by Tu Hoang

  • “Fratello | Sorella”choreography by Davide Belotta

2018 - Now GROUND ZERO DANCE COMPANY: Urban contemporary company by Denden Karadeniz

  • “Divine Comedy” - Ground Zero, choreography by Denden Karadeniz

Education :

  • BACHELOR OF DANCE Amsterdam University of the Arts Urban contemporary (JMD) Graduated (2015 - 2019)

  • Pre-education Dance “5 o’clock class” Amsterdam University of the Arts 2011-2015 (Duration: 4 years)

Practices/sytles (Dance, Theater,text,singing) during my dance educations:  Contemporary,Jazz,Modern, Floorwork, Ballet, Fysical theatre,Urban, Experimental,Text Interpretation, Singing,Composition,Movement research,Gaga, & Improvisation.

Photograph by Remy Tilburg

Photograph by Remy Tilburg