“Ground Zero is a community of artists working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We use dancers from different degree's, backgrounds and dance styles to get an unique blend and pure form of Urban Contemporary. We strive to push ourselves physically without losing the sense of storytelling through movement.”

Performed during Urban Dansdagen Eindhoven, Urban Sources Groningen, FunkIRC Event Utrecht & Own Theatre performance “Divine’s Comedy” premiered in Stadsschouwburg Haarlem & was Performed at Summer Dance Forever theatre nights at, DeLaMar Amsterdam.

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Footage of GroundZero Performance 31/05/19


Photograph by Bob Karman

Photograph by Kjer Mariano


“fratello | sorella”:
Choreografie & live muziek: Davide Bellotta
Dansers: Ian Ancheta, Romee van de Meent, Chanel Vyent

The piece is inspired on the special connection between brothers and sisters:

The fact that you are connected for life to someone that you didn’t even choose for, it’s just there and it will be forever.
The natural taking care for each other, the special love that is there. But at the same time the fights, the jealousy, the contrasts…
’ – Davide Bellotta

“BROOS” - Conny Janssen Danst

I performed as one of the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst in “Broos”. The latest production of Conny Janssen, which was on tour from January to May 2019 in the theaters. With live music by Maartje Teussink.

Link to infopage “Broos”

Photograph by Andreas Terlaak

Photograph by Andreas Terlaak

“Over zijn en verdwijnen.
Over verwerven en verlies.
Over branie en bedachtzaamheid.
Over de tijd die doortikt en niet te stoppen is.
Over het hier en nu tegenover het daar en toen.

BROOS verhaalt over de kwetsbaarheid van het leven,
van de eerste schreeuw tot de laatste zucht.”


During my last year of Bachelor of Dance as my internship, I was part of the ROOM FOR TALENT program of dance company Conny Janssen Danst. This is an opportunity for young dancers to learn and be part of a professional dance company en productions.

Photo’s by Rob Hogeslag.

Link to Interview about ROOM FOR TALENT.

Photograph by Edgar Wetzel

Photograph by Edgar Wetzel


DANSLOKAAL is the talent development project where young makers are invited to develop new work in collaboration with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst.

I performed as one of the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst in the new work of choreographer Tu Hoang.

Photo’s by Rob Hogeslag 

Choreography: “Humane” by Tu Hoang

Dancers: Liza Wallerbosch, Hiro Murata & Romee van de Meent

Tour period: from 6 september until 11 october 2018.


by Emma Evelein

Artist: Stefania

Song: "Stupid Reasons"

Choreography : Emma Evelein

Dancers: Claire de Caluwe, Dylan Kuyper, Terencio Douw & Romee van de Meent

Location: Gronginger Museum 

Release date:  August 24th 2018

Link to Youtube


We Are Muze (Fashion Collective Amsterdam)  

Fashion Brand, BY BROWN.  

Project “A CHERYL” 

Presentation: September 27th 2017 in Atelier Neerlandais, during Paris Fashion Week.

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